6 Black-Owned Spas in the U.S. You Can Visit to Kickstart Your Wellness Journey (2024)

Whether you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life or simply needing some much-needed self-care, visiting a spa can be a great way to relax and recharge. From luxurious massages and facials to soothing hot tubs and saunas, spas offer a wide range of treatments designed to help you unwind and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

You may want to kickstart a wellness journey. A visit to the spa is a seamless entry into the world of wellness externally before beginning the internal work.

Here are 6 Black-Owned Spas in the U.S. to visit to kickstart your wellness journey.

Replenish Spa Co-Op - Columbus, Ohio

124 S Washington Ave | Columbus, Ohio 43215

Replenish is a spa that embodies the values of restorative care inside and out. Black and family-owned, the owners of Replenish truly understand that community is important when curating an environment that caters to the wellness of others. The spa offers a variety of treatments, from facials to airbrush tanning services, to leave your skin with a stunning glow.

Beautifully worded on their website, they promise to “Honor you for who you are in the present moment, and together we will create an individualized care plan that will re-inspire, re-connect, and restore your energy, your courage, and your faith that beauty is our birthright.” An experience we feel you all should get to experience.

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The Spa at The Ivy - Baltimore, Maryland

2025 E. Biddle Street | Baltimore, Maryland 21202

If you’re looking for a more upscale luxury vibe to dip into the wellness world, you’ll be pleased to learn about The Spa at the Ivy Hotel. Owned by Eddie and Sylvia Brown, a Black couple who met during their collegiate years at Howard University, the hotel is an embodiment of opulence and finer things.

The spa has massage therapy services, foot and body treatments and offers valet parking with your treatment booking. The Spa at the Ivy has a great reputation for delivering exceptional customer service to its guests.

Neema’s Body Wraps - Dallas, Texas

3720 Walnut Hill Lane #209 | Dallas, Texas 75229

A day spa in Texas, Neema’s Body Wraps is known for its body wraps that are soaked with “skin cleansing, detoxifying, concentrated formula of essential minerals and electrolytes.” You are placed in a sauna suit after and placed in an infrared blanket where the properties of the wrap get to work their magic! Neema’s wraps are said to rid the body of its toxins and leave you feeling refreshed.

The spa doesn’t just limit its offerings to body wraps. Foot baths, vajacials, and chemical peels are just a few of the many treatments Neema’s has to offer!

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Veola’s Day Spa & Wellness Center - Chicago, Illinois

2150 W 95th Street | Chicago, Illinois 60643

Live near Chi-town, or are you headed that way soon!? Make room on your itinerary to pass by Veola’s Day Spa & Wellness Center in the Beverley Hills area.

The spa is split into two floors for your ultimate pleasure and enjoyment. The first floor features facial rooms, a hydrotherapy tub room, Vichy shower room, steam room, and nail and hair studio. The second floor has even more for you to indulge in like a cafe, an art gallery, a private suite for couples, endermologie room for cellulite treatments, and massage suites.

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Exhale Spa Escapes - Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee 38125

Exhale Spa Escapes is more than just massages and facials. This spa is approaching wellness with its Wholistic Wellness Coaching service that assists individuals in optimizing their health goals with a focus on mental, physical, and spiritual balance.

Utilizing healing methods and practices like Reiki and Reflexology, you can expect to leave this Memphis spa feeling more in tune with who you are.

Zamariya Spa of Africa - Charlotte, North Carolina

4845 Johnston Oehler Road Suite C | Charlotte, North Carolina 28269

Zamariya Spa of Africa is Black, women-owned, and brings a flair of Africa to North Carolina. The spa says the experience it gives to its guests is rooted in the ancient philosophy of Africa. Taking a holistic approach to well-being, the spa surrounds you with authentic African textiles, wares, and artifacts. A visit to Zamariya could be an informative one as you get to learn more about the continent while immersing yourself in relaxing spa treatments.

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Let us know if you’ll be adding any of these spas to your itineraries and if there are any Black-Owned Spas in the U.S. we missed that you have had great experiences visiting!

6 Black-Owned Spas in the U.S. You Can Visit to Kickstart Your Wellness Journey (2024)


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