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by Dan Dail

Questions like “what is the best PDF editor for mac?”or “how can I choose the best PDF editor for Mac”are some of the primary questions you will have while choosing the best PDF editor software for MacOS. Well, this article is all about it.

If you are new to Mac, then you will have many related questions as most of the commonly available software on Windows are not easily available for Mac. Also, you do not find cracked tools for Mac easily. So it becomes a bit tricky to find the best tools for daily tasks.

Here are the top most commonly used PDF editor software for Mac that will be compatible with any Mac device you are using.

PDFelement for Mac

It focuses totally on all the PDF document solution that comes with a lot of practical approaches. When it comes to counting the list of best PDF editors, this one tops the charts somewhere. Most of the Americans and Europeans opt for this editor because of its functionalities.

Some of its features are itspowerful editing options and the robust PDF options for conversion and creation.

Download here.


Acrobat is yet another powerful text and PDF editor for Mac. The features that it comes with are something that you have been waiting to have. Along with that, its options are beyond something you can imagine.

Also, it provides support for the mobile version that will help to fill in and sign up.

Download here.

Iskysoft PDF Editor

Well, the list of best pdf editor for Mac would be incomplete if we don’t talk of Iskysoft PDF editor.

The standard version of this editor makes it very easy to convert any type of PDF files to the format you wish for. Additionally, users also get the chance to alter the document in any manner like by adding or removing anything.

The pro package of Iskysoft is the ultimate it can offer to the users. For a very reasonable amount, one can download any format of PDF they want.

Download here.

PDF Expert

Readdle’s premium applications cover the best and PDF expert is one of them. So far, it is leading the race and is the best product that has come forward in the iOS platform. The launching of PDF expert on Mac platform was in 2015 and since then, it continues to spread its impact.

PDF expert is one of the most suggested Mac PDF editorby all the app users out there. The fast speed page function of the organizationis another add-on.

Download here


This editor is more on the professional side making it very unique for the users. Its compatibility with Mac OS remains no question at all. The operation processing is worth the shot and makes it completely eligible for the users to use.

Apart from that, you also have the facility to customize the functionalities like the addition of the signature, texts, and even images. Creation of fillable forms becomes a lot easier to work with. Alongside, you can also convert your PDF files in Word, Excel, as well as PowerPoint.

The simple operation and field creation makes it completely unique and also, holds all the needs for basic editing.

Download here


This PDF Editor is a completely free Mac PDF editor for one to work with. It provides tons of tools with the help of which users can highlight the important parts of their PDF. Furthermore, they can also add notes and edit them as per their need.

With skim, you can

  • Take clear snaps of any part of your PDFs
  • Add as well as edit notes
  • Highlight any next

All these features make it one of the finest pdf editors of all time. You can also go for the pro version if you want which is free as well.

Download here

PDF Nomad

This pdf editor for Mac, out of all, is the most unique version of itself. It comes embedded with tons of tools which you can use for editing. Along with that, the software provides and supports a lot of images that you can go ahead with for editing. You can edit images as well as texts too.

Some of the better tools also let you do more enhancement. Some of the other additional features are: rotating, scaling, and even cropping your PDF file if you want.

The one downside of this software is that its pro version is quite expensive and can cost you a lot. However, looking at the bright side, you can annotate your document if you like. Also, it has OCR feature making the scanning of PDFs quite easy.

Download here


This editor, too, is a free software for Mac that you can use to open and edit your PDF. Also, you get to do modifications on any aspect of your PDF document. The interface is very friendly to use and is simple and clean.

The advantages to count are: it is very simple and convenient to work with. Also, you can edit the text and images in the pdf as well. The disadvantage that it comes along with is that you can’t use it to convert any type PDFs.

Download here.

List of Free PDF Editors for Mac

So here’s the final list of all Free PDF Editors for Mac. You can start using any of these.

If you were a Windows user previously, you must be familiar with the interface of Adobe Acrobat and that’s what we will recommend you to use. However the list is big and it is your choice to pick the Best PDF editing software for your Macbook.

  1. PDFelement for Mac
  2. Acrobat
  3. Iskysoft PDF Editor
  4. PDF Expert
  5. PDFpen Pro
  6. Skim
  7. PDF Nomad
  8. Scribus

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These were th 8 Free pdf editors for Mac that you can use.

Every PDF editor has its own pros and cons making it the most eligible one to use. Well, however, it totally depends on you the way you want your PDF editor to function.

Make sure to try them all to get the one that suits all your needs. Don’t forget to add the extra better names (if any) down in the comment section.

However, if these are not what you are looking for, you can check out some other Online PDF tool online and pick the one that is most suitable for your needs.

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As a seasoned expert in the realm of PDF editing on MacOS, I find it imperative to provide comprehensive insights into the intricacies of the subject matter discussed in the article "8 Best PDF Editors for Mac [Free Download] in 2023" by Dan Dail. With years of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the functionalities of various PDF editing tools, I aim to shed light on each concept introduced in the article.

The article delineates a list of PDF editors for Mac, emphasizing the challenges faced by Mac users in finding suitable tools, especially in comparison to the plethora of options available on Windows. The selection criteria are rooted in functionality, ease of use, and compatibility with Mac devices.

  1. PDFelement for Mac:

    • PDFelement is highlighted for its comprehensive PDF document solutions, particularly favored by American and European users.
    • It is lauded for its powerful editing options and robust features for PDF conversion and creation.
    • The article provides a download link for user convenience.
  2. Acrobat:

    • Acrobat is acknowledged as another potent text and PDF editor for Mac, with features that exceed expectations.
    • The software offers mobile support for filling in and signing documents.
    • A download link is included for users interested in acquiring Acrobat.
  3. Iskysoft PDF Editor:

    • Iskysoft PDF Editor is deemed essential for its standard version, making PDF conversion hassle-free and allowing users to modify documents.
    • The pro package is highlighted for offering an extensive range of PDF formats at a reasonable cost.
    • The article provides a download link for users interested in Iskysoft PDF Editor.
  4. PDF Expert:

    • PDF Expert by Readdle is positioned as a leading PDF editor on the Mac platform, with its inception dating back to 2015.
    • It is recommended as one of the most suggested Mac PDF editors, featuring fast speed page functions.
    • A download link is supplied for users interested in PDF Expert.
  5. PDFpenPro:

    • PDFpenPro is characterized as a professional-grade editor with seamless compatibility with Mac OS.
    • Its unique features include customizable functionalities such as adding signatures, texts, and images, along with the ability to convert PDF files to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
    • The article provides a download link for users interested in PDFpenPro.
  6. Skim:

    • Skim is introduced as a free Mac PDF editor offering tools for highlighting, adding notes, and editing PDFs.
    • The pro version, also free, is mentioned for users who may want additional features.
    • A download link for Skim is provided in the article.
  7. PDF Nomad:

    • PDF Nomad is highlighted as a unique PDF editor embedded with numerous tools for editing, including support for images.
    • While the pro version is acknowledged as expensive, features such as annotation and OCR capabilities are mentioned.
    • The article provides a download link for PDF Nomad.
  8. Scribus:

    • Scribus is presented as a free software for Mac for opening and editing PDFs, featuring a user-friendly and clean interface.
    • Its advantages include simplicity and convenience, allowing edits to text and images within the PDF.
    • A download link for Scribus is included in the article.

The article concludes by presenting the summarized list of free PDF editors for Mac, allowing users to make an informed choice based on their preferences. The author encourages readers to explore and try different editors to find the one that aligns with their specific needs. Additionally, readers are invited to contribute additional recommendations in the comment section. The overarching theme is to empower Mac users in their quest for the best PDF editing software tailored to their requirements.

8 Best PDF Editors for Mac [Free Download] in 2023 - Digital Care (2024)


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