9 Black Owned Spas For Your Next Black Girl Solo Travel Trip - Traveling Black Spinster (2024)

Every woman needs a day of pampering here and there. This is why I put together this post. There are so many Black owned businesses that need to be discovered and supported. Here are 12 different Black owned spas that you can add to your next weekend trip, road trip, or any other type of Black girl solo travel trip you can think of. Make sure that you bring a friend!

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You can find Nailphoria in Oakland, California. If you are traveling through California, then Oakland is a great place to stop. Oakland is the kind of place where you can spend the entire day being the patron of Black owned businesses. In fact, most major cities will have several Black owned businesses that you can add to your list.

Nailphoria was started in 2005 and they are a full service day spa. You can find them located and 20 17th Street in Oakland, CA 94612. Their website is http://www.nailphoria.comN

Flawless Wax & Spa

Don’t let the look of the website fool you, Flawless Wax & Spa has an incredibly diverse staff by the looks of their instagram. If you are traveling through Florida then you should definitely make a stop in Orlando. I actually have a who post on stops you should make for a Florida road trip right here.

Flawless Wax & Spa states that they are the #1 waxing center in Orlando. Their promise is to give exceptional service to each of their clients, every time that they come to the facility. You can find them at 202 E Colonial Drive, Suite B in Orlando, FL 32801.

There website is https://flawlesswaxnspa.com/

Iwi Fresh Garden Day Spa

Iwi Fresh is a Black owned spa in Atlanta, Georgia. The owner, Yogi, is known as a “skincare chef,” and truly lives up to her name. Yogi uses all natural products and even has her own skin care line. It’s the real deal and definitely deserves some love.

You can find everything from facials to massages and it is all down with products made from farm fresh ingredients. There are located at 341 Nelson St SW in Atlanta, GA.

Their website is https://www.iwifresh.com/

Esthetique Facial Spa

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Esthetique Facial Spa is located in good old New Orleans. If you needed another excuse to go to New Orleans then this is it. Esthetique was established in 2008. What I think is special about this establishment is what they write on their about page. They state that they want to earn the trust of their clients. They also say that their products don’t include parabens which is an added benefit.

You can find them at 714 Adams Street in New Orleans, LA 70118. Their website is https://efacialspa.com/

Magic Journey Spa

Your first introduction to the Magic Journey Spa website is this gem: “Magic Journey Spa is a healing space where our members realign, decompress, relax and allow grounding of the body, mind and spirit.” Who doesn’t need to decompress. If fact, many people who go to spas are looking to max and relax and let a little stress go.

They are a full service spa that also offers services such as cupping, reflexology, and cradle therapy. They are located at 65 E 19th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11226.

Their website is: https://www.magicjourneyspa.com/

Natural Beauty Salon & Spa

Natural Beauty Salon & Spa is located in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond happens to be one of my favorite cities in the country. It is so incredibly diverse and there are amazing things to do. Natural Beauty build their brand on three principles which are respect, transparency, and integrity.

What I really love about this salon is that they specialize in locs. As a person who had locks for 4 years, not every salon knows proper care. You can also roll up and get massages and foot scrubs. Men are also welcome if you have a bae who wants to accompany you.

You can find their website here: http://gotlocsva.com/N

Skin Beauty Bar

Skin Beauty Bar is located in Washington DC and offers a variety of services. Not only can you get the regular facial, they also have tanning, sugaring, massage, and teeth whitening. You can get a top to bottom spa day and it is all at one location. Their website looks fantastic and they have an active and engaged following on Instagram. If you are in the DMV area, give them a bit of love.

You can find them on 749 8th Street SE , 2nd Floor in Washington, DC 20003. There website is: https://www.skinbeautybardc.com/

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Molas Boutique Spa

Molas is a make-up bar, nail salon, and spa combo, so it should definitely be on your list of must see spas. Mola offers complimentary beverages to their guest which isn’t something that every business will offer. While you are sipping on your drink you get get your nails done, your face beat with makeup, or a relaxing massage. Molas is definitely the kind of place that you want to relax in.

You can find their website right here: https://www.molasboutiquespa.com/about-us

Serenity Garden Massage & Spa

I love this message that Serenity Garden Massage and Spa has under their welcome: “We invite you to come nourish your body, mind and soul in our beautiful, tranquil and intimate setting.” There are several spas that I have been to so I can attest to the importance of a tranquil and intimate setting.

This Brooklyn based, Black owned spa boasts about their customized treatment therefore you know when you show up that you are going to be given the service that truly meets your needs. You can find Serenity Gardens right here: https://www.serenitygardenmassagespabrooklyn.com/home

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There you have it. This post covers 9 different Black owned spas so that you can add them to your next girls trip. These locations will also work for a solo trip if you choose to travel alone. You can also find more Black owned spas right here.

9 Black Owned Spas For Your Next Black Girl Solo Travel Trip - Traveling Black Spinster (2024)


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