Here Are The Top Black-Owned Wineries in Georgia - (2024)

When it comes to wine, there is vino and there is vision. The best wineries have a long pour of both.
If you’re looking to support black-owned businesses, there may be a winery near you that appeals to your sensibilities and love of vino.

In this article, we’ll cover the best black-owned wineries in Georgia.

Table of Contents: Best Black-Owned Wineries In Georgia

  • Pop the Cork Wine Tours (Atlanta, GA)
  • The Winery at MoonLight Manor (Griffin, GA)
  • 3 Parks Wine Shop (Atlanta, GA)
  • NAVI Wine Bar & Tasting Room (Columbus, GA)

Pop The Cork Wine Tours

1100 Peachtree St NE Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30309 | (404) 433-2956

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Here’s what one reviewer says about Pop the Cork: “The entire experience from start to finish was amazing . Customer service 10/10 . We dance , we laughed, we ate, visit 3 different winery’s. We met some really cool people and I can’t wait to go back definitely booking again. Just in case your wondering it was worth every penny. You get lunch , chauffeured in a nice br clean sprinter, sample multiple wines with an option to purchase your own bottles, visit 3 winery’s , good music and vibes all for the price of what you would pay for a visit to one winery. Love our Tour guide very professional and knowledgeable.”

Taste Wine Bar & Market

202 Chattahoochee Row NW Suite B, Atlanta, GA 30318 | (404) 254-2144

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Here’s what one reviewer says about Taste Wine Bar. “Great place for a date night or to catch up with friends! I love how everything is at your own pace and the selection of wines was good for the price. The idea to include different size options was so smart especially for those that want to try multiple wines.”

The Winery at MoonLight Manor

373 Cook Rd, Griffin, GA 30224 | (770) 766-3939

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Located in Lamar County, The Winery at MoonLight is a small farm-based winery owned by military veteran Stef Parker. She offers wine tastings and paint and sip events.

Here’s what one reviewer says about The Winery at MoonLight Manor. “I love love love The Goth Gardener’s preserves! If you’re like me and you like a little spicy kick with your sweet, then you will absolutely enjoy the Beatle Juice/Mango chili preserve and the Devils advocate/Jalapeño jelly! Also my go to preserves made with fresh strawberries is Love Potion/strawberry preserve. It’s the chefs kiss on some toast, I promise! Everything I’ve ever gotten from The Goth Gardener is absolutely positively made with love.”

3 Parks Wine Shop

451 Bill Kennedy Wy SE c, Atlanta, GA 30316 | (678) 349-7070

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Here’s what one reviewer says about 3 Parks Wine Shop. “3 Parks Wine is a unique wine shop that offers wine tasting, weekend wine flights and more! We decided to check them out while we are on the Beltline in Glenwood Park. The selection of wine had good balance, acidity and sweetness. Our favorite was Gran Valor Brut from Spain.”

If you want to venture beyond Atlanta and Georgia, here are some of the best black-owned wineries in the South.

Tilford Winery

126 Berry Patch Ln, Kathleen, GA 31047 | (478) 396-3025

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Here’s what one reviewer says about Tilford Winery. “We had a great experience! The owner gave us a private tasting and we got to try several of his wines. They tasted so fresh and natural. We took home a whole case from here. Would definitely be a cool spot to bring friends and listen to music and relax on the weekends. Definitely check it out!”

What Is The Largest Black-Owned Winery In America?

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The largest black-owned winery in the United States is the McBride Sisters Wine Co., which is owned by siblings Robin and Andrea McBride. The sisters hail from Monterey, California and Marlborough, New Zealand.The company ships directly to the following states:


Black-Owned Wineries In The South

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  • Bowman Vineyards — 17144 Augusta Hwy, Round O, SC 29474 | (910) 308-1409
  • Ole’ Orleans Wines and Spirits — 579 Brooklyn Ave, New Orleans, LA 70121 | (504) 354-2449
  • Williams Vineyard and Far — 21 Gabriel Pl, Nesmith, SC 29580 | (803) 397-1859
  • Preston Ridge Winery — 4105 Preston Rd, Martinsville, VA 24112 | (276) 957-3844

Final Sip

If BrewPub is any indication, Atlanta’s craft beer scene is on and pouring! Make sure you check out Krog Street Market, one ofAtlanta’s many food halls.

Traveling to the city’s midsection can lead to unexpected adventures, includingnew restaurant openingsand more.

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Here Are The Top Black-Owned Wineries in Georgia - (2024)


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