Maggie Q's Husband: The Actress Appears to Have Found Love Again after Split from Dylan McDermott (2024)

Despite keeping her relationship status relatively private, Maggie Q's love life remains a subject of interest in the media. Her dating history has included a few high-profile names and a long-lasting engagement that ended after four years.


In August 2021, Margaret Denise Quigley, famously known as Maggie Q, opened up about her dating life over two years after separating from her fiance. Sharing how she previously navigated romance, the actress confessed that she used to be a person who forced her beliefs on her partner, thinking they should live the way she did.

At some point, Maggie Q learned that she couldn't expect people to be where she was — emotionally and mentally — when she met them. She realized she had to be more gentle and patient, allowing space for a bond to form.

Maggie Q's Husband: The Actress Appears to Have Found Love Again after Split from Dylan McDermott (1)

Maggie Q at the closing ceremony of the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival on June 17, 2023, in Shanghai, China | Source: Getty Images

"So you need to meet them and give it time, allow people the time to know you and your ethics, and come on board if they feel like it," she shared. Although Q had learned valuable lessons in her love life, she rarely went on dates.


"I'm so bad at [that]. I'm really shy when it comes to that kind of stuff. I never really get asked out on dates and go on a date. I just don't do it," Q said. Nearly a year later, she was in a relationship with someone.

Maggie Q Has Yet to Reveal Her New Beau's Identity

In March 2022, Q shared a little about her new love, whose identity she chose not to divulge. In an interview, the Hawaii-born actress said it was important that her partner knew they were a priority.

Hence, she made the conscious decision to avoid working at night. Q's beau also made her feel special, as she shared, "I'm so lucky to be with someone who cares more about my health and wellbeing than even I do and reminds me to give more to myself, so in turn, I have more to give back."


Maggie Q's Husband: The Actress Was Engaged to Dylan McDermott


Q, whose father is of Polish and Irish descent and whose mother is Vietnamese, was first romantically linked to actor Dylan McDermott in late October 2014. The two had been spotted enjoying a romantic dinner in Los Angeles, with an onlooker claiming they were "very flirty" with each other while they dined.

About five years before, McDermott had divorced his ex-wife, Shiva Rose, with whom he shared two daughters, Colette Rose McDermott and Charlotte Rose McDermott. He met Q when they co-starred in the thriller series, "Stalker." It's unclear when they started dating, but news of their engagement broke in January 2015.

They spoke briefly about their wedding plans a few months later, sharing that they were still "fishing" for a suitable date between their hectic schedules. It was the first time the former couple spoke publicly about their relationship, but they kept it private for the most part.

Maggie Q's Husband: The Actress Appears to Have Found Love Again after Split from Dylan McDermott (3)

Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones on March 4, 2018, in Beverly Hills, California | Source: Getty Images


In March 2018, McDermott gushed about Q, saying, "Once I tried to understand that life will always take care of me, Maggie stepped into my life. She took my breath away. I knew immediately… she's my soulmate."

Sadly, their wedding never came to be. The former lovers called off their engagement after four years. The news emerged in February 2019, but the reason for their separation remains unknown. Q has maintained her privacy ever since.

Maggie Q's Husband: The Actress Appears to Have Found Love Again after Split from Dylan McDermott (4)

Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott are seen in the Lower East Side on October 4, 2018, in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Maggie Q Stayed Close with One of Her Exes

Q was once romantically involved with actor Justin Long. Although they ended their romance, the two remained close friends. In December 2022, Long revealed that they spent Thanksgiving together. Speaking about why he kept his former lovers close, he said:


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"I don't make that many connections, those kinds of connections, so I really like the idea of being able to maintain those connections, and I find it kind of sad when that can't happen."

Maggie Q's Husband: The Actress Appears to Have Found Love Again after Split from Dylan McDermott (5)

Maggie Q and Justin Long at the 2007 ESPY Awards on July 11, 2007, in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

Long also dated Drew Barrymore between 2007 and 2010. The pair co-starred in the films "He's Just Not That Into You" and "Going the Distance" and reunited onscreen on Barrymore's show in 2022 once more. Long's current partner is actress Kate Bosworth, whom he is reportedly married to.

A few sources have reported that Q was romantically linked to Brett Ratner in 2008. The successful producer and director is known for having allegedly dated several other famous women, including Paris Hilton and Serena Williams.

The actress also reportedly dated actor Daniel Henney. However, there is little information on when they were together, and they both have not confirmed or denied the reports.


Maggie Q's Husband: The Actress Appears to Have Found Love Again after Split from Dylan McDermott (2024)


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