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Last Updated: April 27, 2022

Your luggage matters the most when you’re traveling; it has to be spacious enough to hold all your necessities while also being convenient to carry around. But did you know that there’s another characteristic that you should consider when buying your luggage?

Not size, not weight, but color! The color and pattern of your luggage matters a lot when traveling and might even save your luggage from being stolen or mistakenly hauled by someone else as theirs.

Luggage claim is a horror story we’re all familiar with, there’s people pushing each other to kids screaming to even, flying suitcases. In this case you want your luggage to stand out and be easily noticeable, and this is exactly why color and pattern matters; the color should be bright enough for you to easily pick it out from the myriad of suitcases on the baggage carousel.

Stay with us to find out more about why color matters and how to better choose your luggage color, pattern and style when shopping for one before a journey.

Why are Standard Colors Like Black Not a Good Option?

Black is the most common option for prospective travelers while buying luggage, especially if you’re a businessman or belong to the corporate sector. Since brighter colors seem too informal, office workers prefer a mild, monotone color that won’t stand out while being as formal as it can be, and that exactly is the problem.

Since there’s already a lot of demand for black luggage, it’s only logical that you’ll see a lot of this color in the baggage claim area.

So unless you want to be a part of the “Luggage Hunger Games”, scrambling to tell your suitcase apart from the sea of black with the ever-growing anxiety that someone else might mistake it for theirs, we suggest you go for an option other than black.


What Color Luggage Should I Get?

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The color should be a balance between bright and dull colors; being dark enough to not show stains, dirt or wear and tear while also being an uncommon choice for the common traveler, so that it may stand out and be easily noticeable while also avoiding the dangers of being stolen or mistakenly picked up.

The best color choice in this context would either be beige, bright green/red or a shade of purple or orange. Of course, you shouldn’t haul around an orange or purple colored luggage when on a business trip as it would look very informal but rather, these colors would be perfect when going to a family vacation, or a study trip.

To make your suitcase stand out even more you can choose one with a unique pattern or style; different patterns such as animal prints on a bright color are not only more fun to look at and appraise, but they stand out even more and make it easier for you to identify.

Patterned luggage is also imperceptible to felons looking to steal suitcases as they consider suitcases carried by corporate workers (mostly colored black or navy blue) more valuable.

Is it Better to Get a Multicolored Luggage Than a Monochrome?

Yes, definitely! Multicolored luggage is not only easier on the eyes; it lifts up your mood as well. A combination of 2 colors on a suitcase (1 bright 1 dull) makes it more noticeable, so you won’t have to attach a tag onto it for easier identification.

Multicolored luggage isn’t common among traveling folk, so you just might be setting a new trend and not realize it at the moment.

Should I Get White Luggage – Does it Get Dirty?

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Lighter colors are definitely a good option while choosing a luggage since it’s not as common as all of the darker colors and will be able to stand out without a fault.

There is however, one con to this; lighter colored luggage is more prone to showing wear and tear and is also more susceptible to getting dirty quicker than darker colors. So unless you’re okay with taking a few extra trips to the dry-cleaner’s, it’s not advisable to choose white.

Should I Just Get a Luggage Cover Instead?

If you want to keep a monochrome suitcase but still want it to stand out, one way to to it is to buy a luggage cover. The best thing is, they come in a lot of colors, patterns and designs, so it’s up to your discretion whichever one you deem best.

Along with this advantage, they also bring about a fringe benefit; providing an extra dose of protection and making sure your luggage stays clean and safe.

What Color Luggage is Most Likely to be Stolen?

As mentioned before, suitcases with colors such as navy blue, maroon or black that look more formal and dainty are prone to being stolen more often, because they’re perceived to be carrying more valuable goods as opposed to a suitcase that has a bright color or an animal print on it. Felons will assume the suitcase belongs to someone younger just because of the design and will not look at it twice.

Is it Weird For a Guy to Have Colorful Luggage?

Not at all! The notion that some colors like pink or purple may be too feminine for men is an obsolete one. Nowadays, with inclusivity and acceptance prevailing as fast as it is, no one judges or ridicules anyone because of something as simple as their color choices.

The 21st century that we live in, is one where everyone is allowed to make use of the colors they desire regardless of gender, caste, or creed.

The right suitcase color can help you in more ways than you think!

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What is the Best Color for Luggage? | Owen & Fred (2024)


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